Media Lying About The Black Suspect Shooting “Epidemic”

Now that we have “progressed” under Obama’s Leadership ? back to the violent civil rights atmosphere that existed in the Johnson Administration;
where riots occurred all over the country and Blacks routinely targeted whites and white businesses for revenge crimes and The Black Panthers called for killing whitey;
let’s look at the “justification” whipped up by the left wing media and the race baiting politician of the democratic party who spend 99% of the time lying to the public to flesh out their false narratives.
The vigilante justice desired by the black community towards Police officers charged with unjustified deadly force,
is only equaled by the special treatment they expect for citizens of their community when they are accused of a crime.
Apparently they want a hanging before any convictions by a court on the basis of a cell phone video like this one;

only the videos they want used against suspects are only the ones pertaining to white suspects.
They expect full due process and the right to claim racism for any prosecutions against a Black suspect.
This is a right that apparently only this race is entitled to.
There are few charges of racism coming for Lithuanian Irish,Italian,Colombian,Bosnian,Mexican,Italian etc. etc. Americans.

To be clear; African Americans make up aprox 14% of the US population.
yet PER CAPITA commit by far most of the murders in the USA.
You can review the FBI stats here


In 2013 they committed a staggering near majority of all murders in the country,despite the population of blacks only representing a small minority of total population.
Figures since show about a 70% of total Murders at a similar rate.
Blacks interactions with the police will not go away unless Obama or Hillary order police to not arrest Black suspects wanted for murders.
But what of police misconduct ?
We are updated by the left wing Media on the latest cell phone video
“proving ” Police misconduct, and we are led down the path to the conclusion that the narrative calls for:
that there is a “trend” of increased shooting of Blacks by Police [the issue of why would a Black Police Officer Target his own race is always swept aside].

So far this year there are 518 people killed by police. And 35 people were unarmed. 239 white people, 127 blacks, 80 hispanics, 49 unknown, and 23 other. Source The Washington Posthttps://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings-2016/.

So from a group that is doing 70% off the murders in the USA PER CAPITA
last year 127 Blacks were killed by Police,but 239 white people were killed by police.
So Black suspects killed were higher than 14% but less than half of the number of whites shot and killed by Police and less than the 70% of all Murders that Blacks are committing; which leads to inevitable arrest confrontations when they are finally caught
Were all of those “valid” ,since some in the media and the BLM movement point out they were unarmed suspects ?
Why aren’t there mass protest by Hispanics 80 of whom were shot? or whites?
Were all those Valid?
And why does the Left Wing Media CNN PBS CBS ABC NBC NY TIMES WASH POST
have no interest in the facts that don’t support the narrative?
We know why !.
The narrative allows the blame to be put outside of the criminals in the Black Community and play the race card yet again.

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