No Airliner Black Boxes Found at the World Trade Center?

No Airliner Black Boxes Found at the World Trade Center
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory 9/11 Black Boxes FBI Jack Cloonan flight data and cockpit voice recorders

The C4ISR team provided antenna placements and portable listening devices to assist in the search and rescue efforts; probes equipped with an integrated micro-thermal camera to help rescue teams search for signs of life; portable laser Doppler vibro-meters to help monitor nearby structures for signs of potential collapse; and provided overhead shots of the area using geo registration capabilities to help the New York Fire Departments with situational awareness on the ground.

Communications Electronics Command

The Puzzle of 911


Maj. Gen. William H. Russ, 9th CECOM commanding general, who led CECOM’s 9/11 rescue assistance efforts during 2001-2004.

Radio frequency detectors developed at CECOM were used to find “black box” flight recorders from the airliners that crashed into the two towers. They also used CECOM-developed airborne sensors to map ground zero and precisely record where objects were found in the rescue and recovery operations.

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